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FORTHEM Alliance

FORTHEM (Fostering Outreach within European Regions, Transnational Higher Education and Mobility) consists of multidisciplinary public research universities that are situated (all but one) outside the capital regions and are not among the largest nor highest-ranking universities in their countries. Although based on both university-wide and field-specific bilateral and trilateral cooperation, it is a new network of institutions that have the dynamism and flexibility to experiment new innovative forms of collaboration. Thereby, FORTHEM presents a reproducible model for both European and non-European universities that wish to develop similar new alliances. FORTHEM is part of the European Universities Initiative, funded by the European Commission. The project proposal was approved within the first call for proposals in 2019.

The alliance network has the Weimar Triangle as its core (Dijon, Mainz, and Opole), and represents the Scandinavian and Baltic region as well as the Iberian Peninsula (Jyväskylä, Riga, and Valencia) and goes deep into the south of Europe (Palermo). Regarding the list of European geographical regions, the geographical balance is extraordinary as the composition includes universities from Northern Europe (Riga and Jyväskylä), Western Europe (Mainz and Dijon), Central and Eastern Europe (Opole) and Southern Europe (Valencia and Palermo). Therefore, the network is representative of the most diverse countries and languages as well as educational systems and universities. The multicultural European University that will result from this alliance aims at tackling the European challenges while taking into account all important aspects. In addition, considering that the alliance includes border countries in the north and in the south, we are also able to contribute to the European Neighbourhood Policy.

Please, visit https://www.forthem-alliance.eu/alliance/associated-partners/ to get the full list of associated partners.

Please, visit https://www.forthem-alliance.eu/get-involved/ to discover all the ways you can be involved in FORTHEM.

List of all FORTHEM Offices' email addresses:

FORTHEM Digital Academy

The FORTHEM Digital Academy is an online platform for virtual mobility, collaboration and networking for students and staff members.

By 2022, FORTHEM Digital Academy will be in place, offering extensive opportunities for online language learning, for completing subject-specific MOOCs & training modules and for virtual mobility of students and staff. FORTHEM members will share existing MOOCs and develop in collaboration new blended and virtual learning modules. Language-related student tutoring and tandem-learning options which be included by 2025.

The FORTHEM Digital Academy consists of eight Moodle platforms: a central platform, and a platform for each partner university. All platforms include the FORTHEM Digital Academy plugin, a custom Moodle extension which displays some information about the alliance, and which provides some common pages and functionalities.

The plugin aims at:
  • Facilitating the sharing of activities between the seven FORTHEM partner universities;
  • Improving users’ experience by providing the same pages, with the same layout, across all the FORTHEM Moodle platforms;
  • Showcasing all the activities shared by the universities, providing students with the required tools to filter and search.

When you visit either the FORTHEM Digital Academy homepage, or the page dedicated to team teaching courses, all the activities available to you are immediately displayed. You can use the provided tools to restrict the results and find your favourite activities.

For each activity you want to participate in, just click on the corresponding card to display a pop-up screen containing more information. Then, click on the dedicated button to confirm your registration and you will be redirected to the platform offering the activity. Keep in mind that every time you want to access these activities, you have to repeat the same procedure again.

Please, note that in order to enrol in courses provided by external platforms, you have to accept the transfer of your personal data (email, first name, last name), and the GDPR policy of the corresponding university.Resource

The FORTHEM universities are working to provide students who attend FORTHEM courses with ECTS. However, at the moment, there’s no general rule for the recognition of ECTS, since it strongly depends on several factors (including universities and departments involved), and it has to be evaluated on a single instance basis. Please, contact your local FORTHEM office to get more information.

The alliance is strongly investing in micro-credentials (Open Badges) as incentives for students. For each course you attend, you will be granted up to two badges: the first badge, which assesses your attendance, is granted as soon as you complete all the activities planned for the course; the second one, which assesses the knowledges you acquired by attending the course, is granted when you successfully pass the final exam of the course.

No personal data is collected automatically within the FORTHEM Digital Academy. A remote storage only contains data about the seven partner universities, and the activities they share with the alliance. Administrators can restrict some activities (team teaching) to limited sets of users through their emails; however, these emails are never collected outside your Moodle platform.

Please, note that enrolling in external activities (i.e., activities not directly provided by your university) triggers Moodle's default behaviour of creating new accounts in the target platforms, which also causes some personal data (email, first name, last name) to be transferred to the corresponding university. Refer to the target university's GDPR policy to know how your personal data will be treated.